cat clinic of cary

Dear Friends,

It is with mixed emotions that I sit here and compose this. With a heavy heart I am here to let you know that the doors to the Cat Clinic of Cary have closed. There is nothing more than my wish to be able to call each and every one of you to disclose this information in person as I feel as though that is what you all deserve but that just is not possible.

Fifteen years ago I was introduced to a job opportunity at the Cat Clinic of Cary and I accepted it thinking it would be a stepping stone in my professional career. Little did I know, five years later, that I would become the owner of the clinic. Fast forward, I feel like I have not only become a veterinarian to your feline family members, but I feel like I have become a part of your lives.

My husband and I have been blessed with this business together for so many years however my focus in the field of veterinary medicine has changed. We have both been offered the opportunity to work for a company in Texas providing low cost veterinary care for dogs and cats. As we did our soul searching we decided that this is the career changing path that we needed to take in order to continue our plight in providing the care that we feel is necessary in an underserved area of veterinary medicine. Unfortunately our decision has resulted in our having to say goodbye to a business that we have loved and cherished for so long.

I cannot express enough how much we appreciate all of the support from you that we have had over the years. Without you we could not have made it to this chapter in our lives. In order to ease your minds, we are taking all of the hospital cats to live with us. Willie and Eye-Lean will continue to be the spoke-pets going forward in order to share our family’s new adventure with those of you who wish to follow us.

As far as medical records are concerned they are going to be turned over to Harmony Animal Hospital in Apex who we highly recommend in providing you with future veterinary services for your feline family members. They can be found at or (919) 303-3456

If you are interested in continuing with mobile veterinary services I would recommend Dr. Janine Dismukes at Mobile Veterinary Laser Services: or (919) 789-1109

Once again I cannot express to you how sorry I am that the legacy of the Cat Clinic of Cary has come to an end. I can only hope that those who know me well understand my decision and realize how important it is for me to make this change in my career path in order to pursue my spiritual growth.

A very sad farewell,
Dr. Jenn