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Cat Clinic of Cary Blog

Help! My Cat Ate Something Poisonous!

Cat with different colored eyes hunting in the summer garden , close upIt’s a cat owner’s worst nightmare. You just caught kitty nibbling on one of your houseplants, and now he or she is acting strangely. You don’t know if the houseplants are safe for him or her to ingest, and your first thought is, “My cat ate something poisonous!” What do you do next?

What To Do If Your Cat Ate Something Poisonous

The first step in a pet poisoning situation is not as easy as it sounds: DO NOT PANIC.

While there is absolutely a sense of urgency to any potential emergency, your calmness is key in getting your cat the care he or she needs in a timely fashion. Continue…

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Kitty Breath: Why Cat Dental Care Matters

CCC_iStock_000009963933_MediumOne of the biggest complaints for feline guardians is bad kitty breath. While it will never smell like peppermint, halitosis (bad breath) is often an indication of underlying problems and lack of proper dental care.

Why Does My Cat’s Breath Stink?

If your cat has offensive breath, there could be a number of factors at work. The least noxious of these reasons could simply be your pet’s food. If your cat is eating malodorous wet food or tuna, it’s likely affecting his or her breath.

However, there are other problems that lurk behind bad kitty breath, such as lack of oral hygiene. Forgetting to schedule regular dental exams also contributes to the development of plaque and tartar, which can lead to periodontal disease and other conditions. Continue…

It Really is a Wonderful Life: Ideas to Improve Your Cat’s Health in the New Year

Sleepy pensive little tabby kittenHere in Cary, we have the best of everything, and our hometown kitties top the list. Sure, we have the best farmer’s market, beautiful weather, and the safest zip code in America, but the best part of our community is you and your cat. However, there’s always room for improvement, and the New Year is a great opportunity to take stock of all our good fortune and make any necessary changes.

While your cat may not find the need to ponder New Year’s resolutions, there may be new ways to enhance or support your cat’s health in 2016. Making a difference in the life of your precious feline is a worthy endeavor, and we’re here to help. Continue…

Avoiding a Cat-astrophe: Our Holiday Cat Safety Guide

Two persian kitten with santa hatsPreparing for the holidays can be daunting, and keeping your cat happy and safe throughout the season is a real triumph. With all the ornaments, lights, and sparkly decorations, what does it take to ensure holiday cat safety?

There’s far more than even the most devoted guardian can anticipate, and the following guide will prepare you and your cat for the best holiday yet. Continue…

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Is My Cat Sick? Recognizing the Signs of Illness in Felines

CCC_iStock_000073640203_LargeCats are experts in going unnoticed – it’s part of their skill set as the hunters of the animal kingdom. They hide, they slink about, and they perch in out-of-the-way locations to remain as stealthy as possible. Unfortunately, these characteristics are also what make signs of illness in felines so hard to detect.   Continue…

Senior Cat Care in This Day and Age

CCC_iStock_000005290786_LargeThe lifespan of a well cared for domestic feline can last more than two decades, and with certain nutritional adjustments and preventive care, those years can be comfortable and satisfying. But it can be a little tricky negotiating the transition from adulthood to the golden and geriatric years.

Knowing how – and when – to make age-related changes are made easier through a well cultivated relationship between you and your vet. We feel privileged to be partners in supporting your cat’s health and aim to bolster your efforts to reach the highest level of senior cat care.

Senior Beginnings

You may not fully realize the moment when your cat enters his or her senior years; indeed, it’s often impossible to pin down the exact time. Every cat is different, but generally, a cat is considered to be senior when he or she reaches 8-10 years old. At this time, wellness care amps up a bit, and we recommend two yearly appointments. This allows us greater insight into any developing common feline diseases or health risks that affect longevity and comfort. Continue…

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What To Expect – And Ask – At Your Cat’s First Vet Visit

OVRS_iStock_000009827806_Large (1)Regardless of your new cat’s age, his or her adoption seals your fate as a responsible pet owner. What this means for you and Fluffy is an introductory wellness appointment with us (we love making new kitty friends!).

At the first vet visit, a kitten may require more in the way of microchipping, parasite prevention, or vaccinations, but any new-to-you cat, regardless of age, should be closely examined and then set down on the starting line for the best – and longest – possible life. Continue…

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Getting Through Grief: Helping Your Child Cope With Pet Loss

Sad Girl Hugging Her CatThe process of grief varies by individual, but a child interprets death – especially the loss of a beloved pet – in ways different from an adult’s. If you have an older pet, or one with failing health, you can help your child cope with pet loss before the sad, but inevitable, event occurs. However, there are unforeseen accidents or injuries that take the lives of pets too quickly, making it even more complicated and challenging for a child to understand.

Beat The Heat: Keeping Your Cat Safe This Summer

Gray catWhile we’re chilling by the pool this summer, Popsicle in hand, it’s easy to forget that our cats have to contend with the hot weather too.  The sun and heat can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for our feline friends. Learn about summer safety for cats to keep your kitty comfortable this summer with tips from Willie and Dr. Jenn at The Cat Clinic of Cary.

Common Summer Safety Concerns Continue…

We Paws At Your Place: Reasons To Love Our Mobile Vet Services

CCC_iStock_000000180294_LargeYour pet may be too old, infirm, or anxious to make the drive down to see us in our clinic, but with our Pampered Pets Mobile Vets, he or she doesn’t have to! In the comfort of your pet’s quiet, relaxing abode, we can support a variety of simple to complex veterinary issues. At Cat Clinic of Cary, we are proud to offer mobile vet services to all of our clients in The Triangle (accepting new patients everyday), and look forward to treating your pet at his or her home sometime soon. Continue…

What our clients are saying.

Doing research of surrounding vets since moving to Raleigh area, I knew if and when I needed a veterinarian the Cat Clinic of Cary, Dr. Jenn would be my choice. – Lisa Morrow, Fuquay-Varina, NC
I cannot adequately express to Dr Jennifer Eachus of Pampered Pets Mobile Vets of Cary my heartfelt appreciation for providing end-of-life care for my elderly dog at home in familiar surroundings recently. – John Carbone, Cary
We started going to the Cat Clinic as soon as we moved to Cary in 2000. In Raleigh we'd been to a vet who had both dogs and cats, and it was far less traumatic for our Smokey to have a vet with only cats in the waiting room! – Pat Thomas, Cary
People ask me quite often: "Who is your vet?" Why would they ask me that? Well, I have 6 rescue cats and 2 gorgeous whippet puppies, and that's a lot to handle. I'm very happy to say that I recently made a change for the benefit of all my furry babies. After years with another clinic, that was very good, I made a choice for my "children", Cat Clinic of Cary and the Pampered Pets Mobile Vets. – Gina Pennisi, Mom of 4 2-legged kids and 8 4-legged babies.
I have three Siamese fur kids and soon a Bengal kitten. We feel so blessed to have found Dr. Jen Hodge. Dr. Jen and her office staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. Every time I go there with our cats, I am greeted and feel a part of the Cary Cat Clinic Family – Tami
My first experience at the Cat Clinic of Cary was in 2005, after discovering that my male cat had eaten a poisonous lily. Dr. Hodge's quick action helped saved my precious boy that day – W
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