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"Purr"sonalized Veterinary Care For Your Cat
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Quality Veterinary Services for Cary NC Cats

cat clinic services

The needs of cats are different than those of other pets. We take pride in the uniqueness of our business and strive to provide all our clients with quality, comprehensive health care services for their feline family members. Our veterinarians and staff take time to talk with you during your appointment to identify your specific needs and develop a purrsonal health plan for your cat.

Our services include:

  • Feline behavioral training—Helping your new feline family member adjust to house rules can be stressful. We can assist with litter box training, feeding guidelines, scratching issues, and more.
  • Cat boarding—Our cat-friendly environment allows your feline family member to relax in comfort while you are away.
  • Feline dental care—Your cat's teeth are just as important to them as yours are to you. We will work with you in developing an at-home dental routine along with dental exams and routine cleanings.
  • Veterinary hospice and end-of-life care—Saying goodbye to a family member is never easy. We can assist in making sure your loved one maintains his or her comfort and dignity during the final days, as well as offer a variety of ways to remember and memorialize your pet after he or she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Cat grooming—Your cat will love a day at the spa! We provide baths, nail trims, comb-outs, lion cuts, and more to help bring out your pet's natural charm.
  • Veterinary house calls—We are able to examine your cat in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your home environment, offering a more purrsonalized approach to veterinary care.
  • Kitten care—A new kitten is always exciting, and we look forward to being part of this new journey. During your initial visit with us, we will discuss vaccinations, nutrition, training, and more.
  • Laboratory, radiology, ultrasound—When additional diagnostic testing is recommended by your veterinarian, you can rest easy knowing they can be administered on-site with staff your cat already knows.
  • Laser surgery/surgery—Unique to our clinic is our surgical CO2 laser, which results in less swelling, bleeding, and post-surgical pain. 
  • Microchipping—There is nothing scarier than a missing family pet. This safe and simple procedure makes it easier for designated locations to contact you when your pet is found.
  • Most common feline diseases—Learn more about the most common feline diseases, including simple and easy ways to help prevent them.
  • Pain management/therapy laser—Your cat can suffer from many of the same ailments that cause pain as you do. We encourage you to talk with us about ways you can decrease your pet's pain and make him or her more comfortable. Our new laser allows the provision of safe and effective pain relief, and anti-inflammatory options for all of our feline patients can safely be used in conjunction with other veterinary pain management modalities.
  • Parasite control—Fleas, ticks, and heartworms can lead to serious medical conditions for your cat. Learn cost-effective ways to prevent this from becoming a problem.
  • Pharmacy—We are pleased to offer our clients pharmaceutical services through our online partner Vets First Choice. Our friendly staff will assist you in selecting and ordering the right medications and products for your feline friend.
  • Senior pet care—Your pet's needs change as he or she enters the golden years. We are here to help you identify and meet those needs as they present.
  • Special needs care—We welcome patients with special needs and work closely with our clients to nurture the bond they have with them.
  • Wellness care—Routine wellness exams are the easiest ways to make sure you pet is healthy and stays that way.

Contact us today to learn more about any of the feline veterinary services available at The Cat Clinic of Cary.

What our clients are saying.

Doing research of surrounding vets since moving to Raleigh area, I knew if and when I needed a veterinarian the Cat Clinic of Cary, Dr. Jenn would be my choice. – Lisa Morrow, Fuquay-Varina, NC
I cannot adequately express to Dr Jennifer Eachus of Pampered Pets Mobile Vets of Cary my heartfelt appreciation for providing end-of-life care for my elderly dog at home in familiar surroundings recently. – John Carbone, Cary
We started going to the Cat Clinic as soon as we moved to Cary in 2000. In Raleigh we'd been to a vet who had both dogs and cats, and it was far less traumatic for our Smokey to have a vet with only cats in the waiting room! – Pat Thomas, Cary
People ask me quite often: "Who is your vet?" Why would they ask me that? Well, I have 6 rescue cats and 2 gorgeous whippet puppies, and that's a lot to handle. I'm very happy to say that I recently made a change for the benefit of all my furry babies. After years with another clinic, that was very good, I made a choice for my "children", Cat Clinic of Cary and the Pampered Pets Mobile Vets. – Gina Pennisi, Mom of 4 2-legged kids and 8 4-legged babies.
I have three Siamese fur kids and soon a Bengal kitten. We feel so blessed to have found Dr. Jen Hodge. Dr. Jen and her office staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. Every time I go there with our cats, I am greeted and feel a part of the Cary Cat Clinic Family – Tami
My first experience at the Cat Clinic of Cary was in 2005, after discovering that my male cat had eaten a poisonous lily. Dr. Hodge's quick action helped saved my precious boy that day – W
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