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For Immediate Release: Regarding Bella

June 24, 2014 — Dr. Jennifer Eachus, DVM and the Cat Clinic of Cary have retained Shanahan Law Group to advise them concerning their options, including legal remedies as may be appropriate, against a woman who has claimed the Cat Clinic of Cary “stole” her cat. Corey Freeman, a self-described blogger “who makes money with websites,” became dissatisfied after adopting Bella. Ms. Freeman returned Bella, demanded her money back, and thereafter took to her blog claiming that the Cat Clinic of Cary “stole” her cat. 

Dr. Eachus examined Bella and deemed her in good health before Corey picked her up. After her return, Bella’s ears were verified to be free of infection, and to have not been infected recently, by not only Dr. Eachus, but also a board-certified veterinary surgeon and two additional independent practices. Further, Corey’s money for both the adoption fee and veterinary bills at another clinic were fully and promptly reimbursed via check, which she cashed immediately upon leaving our clinic.

The safety, health and comfort of our animals is our top priority. Our decision was made purely in the best interest of an animal we consider family, and in light of facts and behaviors which led us to believe Ms. Freeman’s home was not the right “forever home” for Bella.

The Eachus family has devoted their lives to the well-being of animals, especially cats. Bella is now living a healthy, pampered life in a safe home, and the Eachus’ continue to take in animals which have special needs or would otherwise be euthanized in order to give them the treatment, attention and quality of life they deserve, caring for every one as if they were a member of their own family.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to welovecats@catclinicofcary.com and we will respond as soon as humanly possible.

About Bella's Adoption.

We have devoted our lives to not only veterinary care, but also animals in need. Because of that, we understand the strong emotions stirring in pet lovers as a result of accusations surrounding the recent adoption of Bella. What we can say is that any actions on our part were in the best interest of Bella, and that the facts we have discovered thus far do not medically support the accusations, but we would like to have a complete and fair picture before we speak further.

We are currently compiling more information on the situation, and will have another update within 24 hours. 

Where's Willie

Where's Willie

Willie was honored when he was asked to write an article for Pet Life Magazine a few months ago.  Now, with a forty eight hour deadline ahead of him, Willie is wondering where the time has gone.  Willie is certain that those reading this would consider him a procrastinator.  In reality, Willie has been extremely busy with his extracurricular activities.  After struggling to come up with a topic that readers would find interesting, Willie decided to take this opportunity to share with you some of the places he regularly frequents along with the benefits people get from his visits.

One of Willie’s favorite places to visit is Glen Aire, a continuing care retirement community in Cary.  Willie has learned firsthand the feelings of isolation and depression that can take a toll on an elderly nursing home resident’s health.  As a result, Willie finds great pride in providing regular monthly pet therapy visits to the residents of Glen Aire in order to bring them the comfort, joy, and unconditional love Willie feels they deserve.  Willie has found that his visits to Glen Aire have aided in increased socialization amongst the residents who find themselves talking about Willie on a regular basis.  Willie has also seen an improvement in the moods of many of the senior residents which has accumulated over time.  Amazingly, some of the residents that Willie was forewarned about that very rarely showed any emotion now smile and light up when they get the chance to pet Willie on the head and hear him purr in response to their gentle touch.  Willie was surprised to learn that being around a furry friend can actually lower a human’s blood pressure, control their heart rate, and reduce stress, which in addition to the emotional benefits are excellent reasons for Willie to continue with his visits to the residents at Glen Aire.

Willie has also had the pleasure of visiting Bugg Elementary School in Raleigh where he was the special guest in a class of children with special needs.  Since Willie suffers from many special needs of his own, Willie considered it a privilege to be asked to do this.  Willie immediately learned that for children with special needs, the ability to act with a furry friend can have a very positive impact.  Willie found that the children in this classroom were extremely trusting and easily achieved a level of intimacy with Willie that was unexpected by their teachers.  When Willie arrived for his visit, he was forewarned by the teachers that the children in the class were typically very unresponsive to visitors.  Well, within mere minutes, Willie watched the children relax and had them in the palm of his paw and could not believe in the extent of their active participation during his visit.

Willie is considered a regular teacher at Camp Musart in Apex.  Camp Musart is a track out camp for children that focuses on the exploration of their creative potential through music, art, languages, silly science experiments, movement, improvisation, and crafts.  Willie serves as one of Camp Musart’s experienced educators in order to teach the children about the various aspects of pet ownership, the importance of proper veterinary care, and the learning curve required to become a veterinarian.  Willie gets so excited when he arrives at the Camp Musart facility and can hear the children cheering for him from inside before he even gets out of his mom’s truck.  Willie’s highlight of each visit to Camp Musart is when he gets to pose for the children in order for them to make a color portrait of him to take home and share with their families.(pic from Musart)

Most recently, Willie has found himself the center of attention at the Washington GT Magnet Elementary School in Raleigh where he has been a special guest for their Pets Galore Curriculum.  Willie originally was contacted by Ms. Eleanor Goodman, a very wonderful client of Willie’s mom at the Cat Clinic of Cary, who is a teacher at the school.  The Pets Galore Curriculum is focused around education for the students regarding at home pet care, veterinary care, and the prerequisites that are required to become a veterinarian.  Willie was so impressed with the caliber of the questions that he received by the students in Miss Eleanor’s class.  Topics that Willie covered included the recent amputation of part of his tail, the reasoning for having Willie’s eye surgically removed as a kitten, and most importantly, trying to figure out why Willie is always dressed in what they perceived to be as funny outfits.  There are a lot of questions Willie can provide the answers to, but this last one still baffles him.  Willie has been so blessed to receive the many thank you notes and pictures that the children from Miss Eleanor’s class has sent him.

Willie hopes his readers walk away from his article understanding how much he enjoys giving back to the community.  Willie encourages you to contact him if you would like him to make a special appearance at an event you are hosting.  You can contact Willie through his mom’s email address at Jennifer.cats@yahoo.com.

In the meantime, Purrs and Headbutts from Willie

Cat Clinic of Cary Inspires Recovery

From the writer of our new website:

So, I have to tell you a cute story about your website and content. My daughter was airlifted to St. Paul, MN  due to severe septic shock. This left her sedated and on a ventilator for 15 days, in PICU for 24 days, medsurge floor for 25 days, and finally rehab. In total, she was hospitalized for more than 4 months. 

This has left her with a pretty significant brain injury and it is fascinating to me what she remembers from before. One thing she almost immediately remembered was the website she was helping me write with fun cat words. To this day, when someone asks her how her day is she responds "PURRfect and SpeCATular" and then explains how she helped me come up with these words for "our website job."  The nurses, therapists and doctors have gotten such a kick out of it. 

Through this experience I have learned to appreciate so many things and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work on this site "with" her. 

What our clients are saying.

Doing research of surrounding vets since moving to Raleigh area, I knew if and when I needed a veterinarian the Cat Clinic of Cary, Dr. Jenn would be my choice. – Lisa Morrow, Fuquay-Varina, NC
I cannot adequately express to Dr Jennifer Eachus of Pampered Pets Mobile Vets of Cary my heartfelt appreciation for providing end-of-life care for my elderly dog at home in familiar surroundings recently. – John Carbone, Cary
We started going to the Cat Clinic as soon as we moved to Cary in 2000. In Raleigh we'd been to a vet who had both dogs and cats, and it was far less traumatic for our Smokey to have a vet with only cats in the waiting room! – Pat Thomas, Cary
People ask me quite often: "Who is your vet?" Why would they ask me that? Well, I have 6 rescue cats and 2 gorgeous whippet puppies, and that's a lot to handle. I'm very happy to say that I recently made a change for the benefit of all my furry babies. After years with another clinic, that was very good, I made a choice for my "children", Cat Clinic of Cary and the Pampered Pets Mobile Vets. – Gina Pennisi, Mom of 4 2-legged kids and 8 4-legged babies.
I have three Siamese fur kids and soon a Bengal kitten. We feel so blessed to have found Dr. Jen Hodge. Dr. Jen and her office staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. Every time I go there with our cats, I am greeted and feel a part of the Cary Cat Clinic Family – Tami
My first experience at the Cat Clinic of Cary was in 2005, after discovering that my male cat had eaten a poisonous lily. Dr. Hodge's quick action helped saved my precious boy that day – W