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Light a Candle

For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

1.  Enter the name of the pet you are remembering:

Lit for:

2.  Enter the name(s) of the candle lighters: ex. Jeanne, Nate and Tyler with love

Lit by: 

3.  Pick a candle

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If you don't find the candles you are looking for, try browsing candles by letter. (Candles may be listed by first name)

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Listing of Candles

54 lit candles

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   For Sir Thomas  ~Lit by~ Shelby

   For Marble  ~Lit by~ Yvonne with love

   For Ryzyk  ~Lit by~ Sveta , C, l

   For RAMZI & OLIVER  ~Lit by~ Varga, s. with LOVE

   For Sissy  ~Lit by~ Melissa

   For Bunny  ~Lit by~ Mommy

   For Snuggles  ~Lit by~ Tracy with love and sorrow

   For rxxkmoi  ~Lit by~ xcyfTCFWmTxXqg

   For hznuedacmxf  ~Lit by~ RefpjhHbAy

   For lnswebkrou  ~Lit by~ idwqPQSoyprn

   For srjwxsmjbo  ~Lit by~ jnXSyEAKIzXJyHECtk

   For zvcvrfvjgu  ~Lit by~ wckNRmzVYGcojZBuVH

   For Tribal   ~Lit by~ grandma cowgrl mariel and family grandpa depalma with love for natalie and her t

   For Simba  ~Lit by~ Paul

   For Montecore  ~Lit by~ Vince , Lisa, dante and Nittany we love and miss you

   For tzzjxwl  ~Lit by~ JJOUgINrgytwNMn

   For cmlnkcc  ~Lit by~ DKuEBgMgUQFtyX

   For esfllymh  ~Lit by~ kVcFWrNeVOODMFPtaz

   For syagmsvxm  ~Lit by~ zAMKsSCkZHfqQ

   For plptuou  ~Lit by~ BrjfogAeGGlKhXjb

   For rcdmygmkmq  ~Lit by~ FRcmVJCyYfkBqI

   For nqbtwkjgk  ~Lit by~ NwpxYWMpTJkyoMdh

   For owwjnlunvm  ~Lit by~ fwcOjrRaiUd

   For rwjiqru  ~Lit by~ fHzJookHNqNONI

   For bdgsoxigrgy  ~Lit by~ muqnkEaPZamHfBNKqGX

   For Snowy   ~Lit by~ Marge with love

   For Puffy  ~Lit by~ Lilyan with love

   For Boy  ~Lit by~ Suzannne and Jim

   For Oliver  ~Lit by~ Michele & Randall

   For Nikita  ~Lit by~ Sherry, Antonio

   For ifdcjdupwa  ~Lit by~ CWYbhcdpCsVu

   For SIMBA  ~Lit by~ Varga, s. with LOVE

   For RAMZI  ~Lit by~ Celina with Love

   For RAMZI  ~Lit by~ Celina, John, Patricia and Mike with love

   For ljqfkltka  ~Lit by~ itXpGbthxcQgYHLUcl

   For Oliver  ~Lit by~ Celina with love.l miss you...

   For OLIVER  ~Lit by~ Celina, John, Patricia and Mike with love

   For George  ~Lit by~ Sarah

   For blue  ~Lit by~ jade

   For nyupby  ~Lit by~ vpiEcyIlTfG

   For ugoiddokehi  ~Lit by~ bEeSIIbvjR

   For Darcy  ~Lit by~ Linda, Gary & Swanie

   For ejtkevfwqe  ~Lit by~ pztDHTjEzDnxp

   For ngjaaasv  ~Lit by~ jFalPmROvzwjwF

   For Noel  ~Lit by~ Mom, Ana

   For Cindy Aikin  ~Lit by~ Bonnie

   For Cindy Aikin  ~Lit by~ Bonnie,

   For Cynthia  ~Lit by~ Linda, Gary, and Swanie with Love Always

   For Tyson  ~Lit by~ Steph (Devastated Momma), Bob (Dad), Dylan, Dizzy, Bama, Bailey, Brady

   For Sophie  ~Lit by~ Dorothy (Mummy) - heartbroken

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What our clients are saying.

Doing research of surrounding vets since moving to Raleigh area, I knew if and when I needed a veterinarian the Cat Clinic of Cary, Dr. Jenn would be my choice. – Lisa Morrow, Fuquay-Varina, NC
I cannot adequately express to Dr Jennifer Eachus of Pampered Pets Mobile Vets of Cary my heartfelt appreciation for providing end-of-life care for my elderly dog at home in familiar surroundings recently. – John Carbone, Cary
We started going to the Cat Clinic as soon as we moved to Cary in 2000. In Raleigh we'd been to a vet who had both dogs and cats, and it was far less traumatic for our Smokey to have a vet with only cats in the waiting room! – Pat Thomas, Cary
People ask me quite often: "Who is your vet?" Why would they ask me that? Well, I have 6 rescue cats and 2 gorgeous whippet puppies, and that's a lot to handle. I'm very happy to say that I recently made a change for the benefit of all my furry babies. After years with another clinic, that was very good, I made a choice for my "children", Cat Clinic of Cary and the Pampered Pets Mobile Vets. – Gina Pennisi, Mom of 4 2-legged kids and 8 4-legged babies.
I have three Siamese fur kids and soon a Bengal kitten. We feel so blessed to have found Dr. Jen Hodge. Dr. Jen and her office staff are extremely friendly and welcoming. Every time I go there with our cats, I am greeted and feel a part of the Cary Cat Clinic Family – Tami
My first experience at the Cat Clinic of Cary was in 2005, after discovering that my male cat had eaten a poisonous lily. Dr. Hodge's quick action helped saved my precious boy that day – W